Trey and Murder was rolling around Hunters Point smoking blunts one late night around two in the morning. They were in Murder’s 2012 Chevy Camaro, Candy painted with tinted windows matching the same color as his exterior, with 4 12’s in the trunk and, sittin on “22 inch” blades. Every turf they rolled thru no one was outside, so Murder’s decided to roll thru Potreo Hill to get some weed  before they went and posted up at his spot in Fillmore.

As they crossed Third street Trey spotted a black Highway Caprice Classic with limo tinted windows sitting in front of the liquor store and turned down the music.                 “Nigga what you doin?” Murder said.

“Aint that the nigga B.G shit right there in front of the store?”

“That is that nigga car blood, he leakin. We gotta get this nigga!”

“Pull past the store and let me bounce out on this nigga, when you hit the block I should be ready for you.”

Murder sped thru the intersection past the store and let Trey out of the car then went to circle the block.

As Trey bounced out of the car he pulled the thermo mask that he kept around his neck up over his mouth and nose. He grabbed a Glock 19 with an extended 30 round clip out of his pants and headed towards the store. As he rounded the corner he checked the inside of the Caprice to make sure that no one was sitting inside, after he was sure that it was empty he proceeded to the entrance of the store.

B.G paid for his things, grabbed the bag and was coming out of the store with his back turned still talking to the Arabs that ran the store. When he turned around and seen Trey with the Glock aimed at his chest he dropped the bag then tried to run back into the store. As he turned back around to try and run Trey let loose a volley of shots, four of which caught him in the upper back, one hit him in the left arm, with one fatal shot to the back  of the head.

Trey took off running down the block and caught Murder just as he was turning                                                                                                                                                    the corner, he jumped in the car and Murder made a left turn mashing towards the back streets on his way to the freeway. Murder passed Trey the blunt they were smoking on and turned up the music, knocking the new single to his soon to be released album titled “What goes around comes around”.


Nicky was what you would call a project chick with trimmings. She was “5”1” 120 pounds and had a fat ass with child bearing hips. She was caramel complexioned with hair that hung down her back and firm breasts that would make any man wish that he was her newborn baby. Most of her family lived in the projects but her Mom had a home in Daly City, bordering San Francisco. Nicky’s mom was married to one of the biggest drug dealers in the bay. Although Nicky was spoiled and had everything she wanted, she missed the pampering that her father used to give her.

Nicky’s father went to prison for manslaughter after he shot two niggas who tried to run up in his house and rob him. Unbeknownst to the robbers, he kept an arsenal of guns. As soon as they got through the back door and up the stairs ‘Big D’ was ready. He let them have it with a 50. Caliber Desert Eagle. When the police hit the scene, they pronounced the first assailant dead on arrival. The second dude got away. It was just his luck.

‘Big D’ went to trial and lost, he was sentenced to 6 years in the state.

He taught Nicky everything she knew about hustling and surviving in the streets. So besides the things she got from her mom, she also knew how to get money for her self.

Nicky was asleep when her Brother ‘Lil D’ banged on her door and told her to pick up the phone.

“Bam, Bam, Bam”

“Nicky, That lil shady bitch Keeda on the phone for you.”

“Bam, Bam, Bam”

“Damn nigga, stop banging on my door! You act like somebody dyin or something.”

“Pick up the phone then!” Lil D said as he left to go finish playing his Playstation 3.

Nicky cut her ringer off the night before because she was arguing with her man Waka and didn’t feel like talking anymore. As soon as she picked up the phone Keeda started running her mouth about what she heard.

“Hello” Nicky answered.

“Girl, I been tryin to call you all morning. You know that nigga B.G got hit up last night, they say that nigga up in intensive care and about to be took off life support this morning.”

Nicky sat up in her bed. “Fa real!”

“Hell yea, girl these niggas up here goin crazy! Everybody cryin and talkin about what they gon do. They already made a memorial to that nigga up there on the lands and shit!”

“Damn he aint even dead yet!”

“I know girl but they said that nigga is brain dead and he won’t be alive much longer.”

“Dang.” Nicky thought to herself that it must’ve happened right after she got off the phone with Waka last night. “Waka has been paging me all morning too.”

“Girl, you know B.G was like his lil brother, they say he told everybody this morning that they can’t slang unless they bangin.” Keeda said. “You know I seen that nigga in the car with that bitch ‘T’ yesterday when I was on my way back from Bobs store too!”

“Fuck that nigga Keeda”. Nicky said in her most polite voice. “He aint gon do nothin but be back in jail in a couple of weeks anyway. That nigga always beggin me for money and could never stay out of jail long enough to pay me back!”

“I know Nicky. Fuck that nigga! You could definitely do better.” Keeda said.

“I feel sorry for him though, I know he tore up right now. Him and B.G recently moved in a spot over there off Mission Street.”

“Nicky, what happened to that nigga you met over at your cousin’s house?”

“I haven’t talked to him; but um, let me call you back when I get dressed.”


Nicky hung up without letting Keeda get another word in. She never trusted her and made it a habit to limit the amount of info she gave out to anyone. Out of all Nicky’s friends, Keeda is the only one that lives on the block where Waka hangs out. She is the definition of a Hood rat; everybody on the hill has either fucked or gotten head from her. She still lives with her mom who is a dope fiend and the bitch has four kids with four baby daddies. She’s on welfare and has never even attempted to get a job. She Gossips about everyone else’s business and drives an old Chevy Chevette, which is almost always broke down.

Although Keeda chose to live the life she lived she still had some good assets about her. After having four kids, her body still had an hour glass figure with no visible stretch marks and she’s known for blowing a niggas socks back. She had super dome.

The only reason Nicky deals with her is to get all the latest gossip and information. Also, to spy on Waka for her.

Nicky got out bed and went to her closet to see what she was going to put on. It was a sunny but windy Saturday so she grabbed her aqua blue Bebe sweat suit with her Coach shoes and her Coach purse to match. She was on her way to hook up with a couple of her potnas to plan for her and her friend Trece birthday party. When Nicky left her room to go downstairs for something to eat she ran into her mom in the hallway.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” Her mom said.

“Good morning mama. Did you cook breakfast?”

“There’s some bacon and toast down there along with some scalloped potatoes, you have to make your own eggs.”

Nicky hated cooking.

“I heard you in there arguing on the phone all last night. If things are that bad you need to just let him go. He only does what you allow him to do.”

Nicky didn’t like when her mother got in her business.

“I know ma, Waka just can’t accept when things don’t go his way.”

“Well you tell him next time he calls my phone that late he’ll have no choice but to accept this ass whipping that I’m gonna give him! What are you getting into today?” Nicky’s mom asked.

“The girls and I are going to hook up and go over the plans for the party and after that I have a hair appointment. Then, I may go and see Waka.” Nicky said.

“Well, be careful and I need you to drop your brother off to his lil friend house for me because Grant and I are going to the Russian river Jazz festival today.”

“Dang, ma you know that I hate ridin in the car with him, he messes with my radio to much and he don’t listen when I tell him to stop playin.”

“Girl, you know how he is but that’s your lil brother and he loves you.”

“I know ma, but you have to tell K.T to bring him home though cause I don’t know how long I’m goin to be out there in the city.”

“Okay baby I’ll do that and don’t forget to tell Waka what I said about calling here all times of the night, that’s why you have a cell phone.”

“Alright mama.”

Nicky went down to the kitchen thinking whether or not to cook some eggs. She passed Lil D’ in the living room. “Lil D, you’d better be ready to go by the time I’m done eating if you want a ride into the city.”

Lil D’ looked up at her. “You aint even got dressed yet!”

“So what, I’ll be ready in about an hour. K.T is going to bring you home so don’t call my cell phone or page me when you ready to leave.”

Nicky went into the kitchen and decided to skip the eggs and just ate the toast, bacon and potatoes.  While the food was warming up she used the kitchen phone to return Waka’s call but got his voice mail.                                                   “Shit!” Nicky thought. Whenever she decided that she wanted to talk to him she could never get in touch with him. She decided not to leave a message and to try again before she left the house

“Bing!” The microwave stopped.

Nicky got her food and sat down at the kitchen table to eat when her mom walked in.

“Girl, you didn’t make any eggs?”

“Naw, I didn’t feel like cookin them.” Nicky said.

“You’re so lazy, are you going up there to visit your father tomorrow?”

“I have to much goin on right now, so I may skip this week and just go up there next week.” Nicky’s father was in Vacaville State Prison located just 30 miles North of Vallejo, Ca.

“You know your Dad is going to have a fit not being able to see you and Lil D.”

“I know, but I’ve been goin up there twice a month for the last year and a half, not to mention ridin with the lil pest. He’ll live!” Nicky said.

“So what would you like mama to get you for your 21st birthday?”

“I want a new car. I’m in love with the new ‘2012 Mercedes Truck, Ma pleeaase!” Nicky pleaded.

Nicky’s Mom started laughing.” Ha Ha, real funny. Girl, there isn’t nothing wrong with wishful thinking, but you already have a damn near new car and you don’t even drive that one!”

Nicky drove a ‘2010 BMW X3, but she stayed in rental cars. “Well ma, you could never go wrong with money and I could never get enough! Besides I’m goin to need to make a few moves because this party is costing me an arm and a leg and Trece done already ran out of money. I have to put up the rest and get my money back from the door.”

“Well let me know if you need my help with anything okay? You kids try to be so independent nowadays.”

“Okay mama and you forget that I’m not a kid anymore.”

“Well, you’re always going to be my baby; I don’t care how old you are! You drive safe and be sure to lock up the house when you leave. I’m going to pick up Grant from the shop and we’re going to the festival from there.”

Nicky’s mom left the kitchen, she heard her kissing Lil D’ before she left out of the door. When Nicky finished eating she went upstairs to get into the shower. She finished showering, got dressed and called Waka’s phone again. This time he picked up just as she was about to hang up.

“What’s really?”

“What’s up Waka, I’ve been tryin to call you all morning.”

“If you wouldn’t have hung up on me last night, I probably would’ve been waking up next to you this morning!”

Nicky was past the point where Waka could make her feel guilty about anything that she did.

Nicky had been with Waka since she was fourteen years old. He was three years older than her and was her first boyfriend. They had a lot of good years in the beginning. Waka stayed in and out of jail most of the time. It had seemed to Nicky that he just graduated from Juvenile Hall to Log Cabin to CYA to the County Jail and then to the Penitentiary.

Waka had just been released a month ago from doing another one of the numerous violations that he’s been doing for the past five years. It seemed as if Waka had lost interest in their relationship within the past two years and Nicky couldn’t understand why.                                                                                                                  She had never had sex with anyone other than Waka. She’d had friends who she occasionally went out on dates with through the years and some who she called for conversation, but no one serious. She had found out through Keda that Waka had started messing with another Hood rat named T’ when he had went to jail on his last violation. Even though Nicky didn’t see it with her own eyes, she knew who T’ was and refused to believe that Waka would be dumb enough to play himself like that. So she gave him the benefit of the doubt, but the way he was acting lately had her feeling skeptical.

“Well Waka I’m not gon even comment on that cause if you wanted to be here then you would’ve been here.” Nicky said. “I’m returning your call and I want you to know that I’m sorry about what happened to B.G. I’ll be around that way today, so if you want to see me just text me or call my phone.”

“Damn, you get your information before the hood. What that bitch Keeda tell you what happened?” Waka said.

“Damn why she gotta be a bitch!” Nicky said.

“That bitch aint your friend and she always gossipin about something that don’t have shit to do with her.”

Waka knew Keeda was the one giving Nicky information about what he did while he was on the turf. “Did she tell you that them G.M.C. niggas was responsible too?”

“No, she didn’t say all that. She just told me what happened.”

“Well you better tell your cousin K.T to stop fuckin wit them niggas before he get caught up in some crossfire or sumthin!”

“Nigga my cousin aint got nothin to do with that shit and he could get money and hang wit whoever he wants.”

Nicky hated when anyone said something negative about anyone in her family. She never hesitated to stand up for her family.

“I’m just sayin boo, niggas on the block aint feelin that nigga, so if you don’t want him getting caught up in the middle of this shit you better holler at him.”

Nicky didn’t want to say too much because she knew that her cousin K.T hung out with the nigga Trey from the G.M.C click. Personally she had no problems with Trey or anyone else affiliated with G.M.C. Trey was actually a good friend of her family’s, he did business with her mother’s husband Grant a while back. She had even hooked him up on dates with a couple of her friends from her High School in Daly City. Trey always popped up at their house every once in a while to talk with grant and to check on their family.

Nicky told Waka that she had to go and to call her later on if he wanted to see her. She made sure to lock up the house and her and Lil D’ left to the city.


Waka was 5’10” and cut up from all the time that he spent in numerous institutions. He wore his hair in shoulder length dreads and was a few shades away from being considered light skin. He picked up the name Waka when he first started to hang out on the block. He was always ready to fight and gangbang.

He was out on the block talking to Scoop, Roc and Young Ops. The whole neighborhood was somber and in mourning cause B.G had been recently took off of life support and had passed away.

“Pour out some of that Remy for B.G., Roc.” Scoop said.

A sale pulled up and Young Ops plus a few other youngsters all ran out into the streets. Waka became angry because he felt that they were slipping running up to cars while the turf was in funk and one of their homies was laying up dead in the Hospital.

“I told you niggas that it wasn’t gon be no slangin out here today! You niggas is leakin and plus we should be payin respect to the homie.”

Young Ops made the sale and ran back up the hill to where Waka and Scoob were posted. “ Man, niggas still gotta eat and if we gon make these other niggas put up money for B.G’s funeral they gotta be able to get they cheese too!”

“Fuck that, if niggas aint been stackin they paper that’s they problem. B.G gon be put away lavishly regardless, whether niggas pitch in or not!” Waka stated.

Ops thought to himself about how could Waka say that and he almost never had any money. The money he would have all came from the big homie Scoop and he spent all of that on weed, E pills and clothes.

Scoop had asked Waka what breezy he was hollering at on the phone. Waka told him that it was Nicky.

Scoop said “Man, that lil bitch aint no good.”

Waka looked at Scoop and replied. “You know something that I don’t know!”

“I heard that bitch was messin wit that young Fillmoe nigga when you were locked down and you know her family fuck wit them G.M.C. niggas!”

Anytime Scoop got a chance he always tried to poison Waka head when it came to Nicky. He knew that she was not the type to cross Waka, but he didn’t like the way that she had Waka open for all those years.

Quiet as kept Scoop had tried to holler at Nicky when Waka had been in jail and he knew that they were together, but she had turned him down. Waka knew that Scoob had tried to talk to his girl because when he was in San Quentin she had written to him and told him. He never said anything to Scoop about it. Scoop was the person who put him in the game and he had respect for him and didn’t want that to come between them.

Scoop was a big dude. Standing at 6’2” 250 pounds. He wore his hair in a short Afro and was fair skinned with big lips. Back when he started selling drugs Scoop was a G.M.C. nigga.

The G.M.C. niggas ran the block for years and Waka’s older brother Peanut used to hang with Trey before he went to jail for a murder he was supposed to have committed. It was said that Trey was the one who had actually did the murder when the both of them robbed a cat that was bringing Trey some drugs. The Police pulled up in the course of the shooting. Trey and Peanut both ran, but peanut ended up getting caught hiding in someone’s backyard.

Scoop was hooked up with Trey older brother P. before he got out of the drug game. They split up because when P. got a recording contract Scoop got jealous and started his own recording label Bulldogs Records instead of supporting P.

One night while the G.M.C click was performing in a club downtown a fight broke out amongst the G.M.C. click and another crew from the Sunnydale Housing Projects. As the story goes everyone but Scoop was involved in the ensuing melee. When everyone got kicked out of the club no one knew were Scoop was. P. found out later from a girl that he was fucking that Scoop ran out of the club and got a ride to the block with one of her friends when the fighting started. Once P. found out he slapped Scoop outside in front of the whole block, pocket checked him and made him take off the G.M.C bandana, the iced out G.M.C. emblem and ran him off the block.

Scoop was the person who had ratted P. out to the Police when his spot on the block was raided and the Task Force found 29 ounces of crack, 2 pounds of weed and numerous firearms. After the raid P. got out of the drug game and moved with his baby’s mama and two daughters into a Fat home in Hillsdale, located around 30 miles out of San Francisco.

Once P. and his brothers left the block Scoop came back to the block and started getting paper putting all the young niggas on. Waka was the first one that he put under his wing. A lot of the other youngsters didn’t know the history, but Waka knew why Scoop had so much animosity for the G.M.C. click. He knew that Scoop was really a coward and that he only used the other youngsters out there as shields and to slang dope and gang bang for him. He used Waka for his muscle and to keep the other youngsters in check. Waka was okay with that as long as he kept giving him a cut of all of his profits.

Waka was in jail once the funk started between Scoop and the G.M.C. click, so he was less intimidated than everyone else and didn’t harbor as much animosity as Scoop. Waka was down for the cause so he didn’t mind stepping up.

“I told that bitch about her cousin K.T when I hollered at her.” Waka told Scoop.

“That nigga supposed to have Two Rock on lock for that nigga Trey.” Scoop said.

“He fuck wit that nigga Blue over there in the dark hole and them M.O.B.B niggas to.” Waka said.

“Niggas got to put some work in for the homie, I don’t care who gets it as long as it happens!”

Waka knew that Scoop wasn’t going to bust a grape because when it came time to roll he was never around.

“It’s cool, niggas gon handle it.”

Roc pulled an H.K 45. out of his pants. “I stay ready to handle business, I don’t know about the rest of these cats!” He said.

Roc was another youngster that knew the history of the Bulldogs beef with the G.M.C click. Roc came into the game selling drugs for Trey; he treated Roc like a lil brother. When Roc started High School Trey gave him a 1997 Lexus GS400 coupe and bought him all of his school clothes. Their separation came when Trey found out that Roc was dipping into the sacks stealing rocks and buying dope from his cousin out of Fillmoe. When Trey found out he confronted Roc and he lied and tried to cover it up. Trey slapped Roc and ran through his pockets, he didn’t go as far as running him off the block, but he made it impossible for Roc to get any money out there.  Once Trey and P. left the block and Scoop came back and started slanging, Roc got on with him and started riding with him against the G.M.C niggas.

Roc also had a baby by Keda so every now and then he would creep to her house late at night to fuck her and pick her head for information.                                             “Don’t worry you gon get a chance to bust ya gun.” Waka told him.

Scoop asked Waka “You ready to go and holler at B.G mama and let her know that we’re going to be handling all the funeral arrangements.”

“Let’s be up!” Waka turned to Roc “Hold the block down and make sure none of these niggas is out here runnin wild all up to cars and shit!”

“Fa sho” Roc said.

Waka and Scoop walked through the cuts up to Kiska Rd. by the Hunters Point Gym to B.G’s mother house. They heard church music and people crying as they approached the door. B.G lived in the house with his mom his two little brothers and his aunt.

B.G’s aunt answered the door for Scoop and Waka. “Hi Scoop, what’s up Waka!” She greeted them.

“What’s up Michelle?” The both of them said in unison.

Michelle was Mrs. Robinson’s baby sister. She was in her mid- thirties but still acted as if she was 21 years old. The jeans that she was wearing looked as if they were painted on. She liked Waka and never hesitated to let it be known and make unwanted advances towards him whenever and wherever she saw him. Today was no exception.

As Scoop and Waka entered Mrs. Robinson’s house they started to feel angry and depressed. Mrs. Robinson had a shrine with a poster size picture of B.G hanging on the wall with candles under it. There were more family members walking around the house crying and trying to console Mrs. Robinson.

B.G’s cousin Money B from Bishop Corner nodded to Scoop and Waka as they walked into the house and signaled for them to come outside when they were done talking to Mrs. Robinson.

Mrs. Robinson had another smaller picture of B.G in her hand and was rocking back and forth, looking at the picture and crying as Scoop approached her.

Scoop kneeled down to face Mrs. Robinson. “Sorry for your loss Mrs. Robinson, you know that B.G was like a lil brother to me.”

Mrs. Robinson looked into Scoop’s eyes and cried out “Why did they have to take my baby away from me!”

“I don’t know Mrs. Robinson, but were going to make sure that whoever did this pay for what they did.” Waka said.

“Why can’t you all just stop this madness? Can’t you see that nobody wins with all of this senseless killing, please let B.G be the last one of yall to die before every one of you end up extinct!” She stated

Every one had respect for Mrs. Robinson who was like the neighborhood mother. Whenever anyone of them needed a place to stay Mrs. Robinson took them in. She even sent care packages to all the niggas from the block that went to jail.

Waka hugged Mrs. Robinson and left Scoop to make the arrangements while he went outside to holler at Money B. When he stepped outside Money B was smoking a blunt and passed it to him as he walked up.

“What it do Waka?”

“Aint shit blood; niggas on the block is hot. Muhfuckas aint feeling this shit.”

“I heard that them G.M.C niggas is the ones that hit B.G up?”

Waka passed the blunt back to him “That’s what I’m hearing dawg, them niggas are the only ones that could or would do some shit like this.”

“Let the homies on the block know that I got 10g’s for anyone of them niggas heads. I’ll give a nigga 50(thousand) if they get that nigga Trey!”

Money B wanted Trey because he believed that he was the one who tried to kidnap him one morning outside of his girlfriend’s house. He had left her house one morning and someone ran up on his car opened the door and pulled him out at gunpoint; they placed him in the trunk of the car and then drove off. Money B picked the locked from the inside of the trunk and rolled out while the car was still moving and got away. The Jackers had on masks, but Money B from his voice and physique knew that it was Trey.

With that being said Money B told Waka to holla at him whenever the move was put down and walked back into the house just as Scoop was coming out.

“Let’s be up blood. I hate to see Mrs. Robinson like that.” Scoop said.

“It’s cool, we gon hit these niggas hard for B.G.” Waka replied.

They started walking towards the block. When they came through the cuts everyone was gathered around the youngster M.D.’s van. They walked up to the van and noticed that the drivers side window had been shattered and bullet holes had riddled the side and back of the car. When Waka and Scoop walked up M.D’s started telling from the beginning what had happened.

“Why this nigga Blue and some ole other ass niggas rolled up on me when I was leaving from Golden Eagles!” He told them.

“What was those niggas rollin in?” Scoop asked him.

“Them niggas was in a grey Blazer. The nigga Blue started smilin at me and I wasn’t trippin thinking that nigga wasn’t in this shit, next thing you know this nigga pull out a Glock and start bussin at me!”

“That’s what you get for thinking shit is sweet, every body in this shit!” Waka stated. “All you niggas betta be ready to ride cause we about to start getting ten for ones!” He went on to say to everyone and no one in particular.


**Who’s these cowards whose always frontin and talkin behind our backs,       scared to confront the straps we could let it all react;

**Or we could take ten spaces back and let the guns collapse,

Or we could handle this like gentlemen and just scrap. **

P.Nut stopped the music. “Murder bring that shit back; you got to put more emphasis on that shit!” P.Nut and Murder was in the studio putting the finishing touches on his debut album.

The Law studios was located on Folsom street near downtown at a place called Planet X. P.Nut was Trey’s older brother, he used to be a major player in the drug game until someone ratted on him and had one of his spots on the block  raided. P.Nut was in was in the middle of signing a multi-million dollar recording contract and the only reason the cops couldn’t arrest him was because they could find no fingerprints or evidence of him ever living within the residence, nor could they get the woman who owned the house to say that he was ever there. P.Nut was many things, but a dummy he was not, he chalked up the loss as a lesson learned and moved his family out of the projects and into a million dollar home in Hillsdale once he signed the contract. He had also bought new equipment and relocated the studio which had always been in the hood, downtown to Planet X. With the money he got from the contract with Universal and the money he had stashed from years in the game, P. moved on and never had to look back.

Murder took off the earphones and came out of the booth. “I need some more of that Henny dawg! I hit that nigga Trey; he said he was on his way.”

At that point as if on cue Trey walked in the door with K.T., he had a bag filled with juices and two pints of Hennessey. He grabbed a pack of blunts out of the bag tossed them to K.T. before he sat the bag down. K.T. pulled a Ziploc bag filled with Purp out of his pocket sat down and started rolling up some blunts.

Trey was 5’8’ about 180 pounds all muscle from his daily workouts at the gym located in his complex. He had a caramel complexion and wore his hair cut short in a tapered fade. P.Nut supported Trey one-thousand percent and they shared a close bond from the many years they spent in the game hustling together.

Trey set up shop all over the city once they left the block; he preferred to keep it grimy. P.Nut had tried numerous times to get his little brother to invest his money into the music and leave the game, he also supported P.Nut one-thousand percent, but Trey didn’t think it was time for him to give up the life. While P.Nut moved into a Home in Hillsdale, Trey stayed posted in the city living in a loft off of Third st. behind AT&T Park. P.Nut and Trey were opposites but they respected each other.

“P., you heard about what happened to the nigga B.G. huh?” Trey asked P.

“Yea, those niggas up there heated. They say them muthafuckas up there already putting our name out there!” P. replied.

“Niggas don’t leave witnesses, so they could say whatever the fuck they want!” Murder said as he took a swig off the Hennessey bottle.

Murder was young and thuggin when he started hanging out on the block, growing up the oldest of three brothers he started young having to fight for his. One day while Trey was out there hustling some cats from another turf came through the block shooting. Trey had his gun hid in the bushes and couldn’t get to it without running out into the open and risk getting hit. Murder was walking out of the alley when he had seen what was happening; he took out his 380 Glock and started shooting back towards their car, busting out there windows before they drove off. Trey loved the fact that the youngster was out there strapped, so he put him on and started fucking with him from that day on. One day he heard him out on the block freestyling to instrumentals around a car with a couple of other people; Murder had a crazy flow so Trey hooked him up with his brother P. The first song he laid down in the studio he murdered the track, and that’s where he got the name Murder, the rest is history.

K.T. rolled up four blunts and fired one up.

“Blue hit me on my way over here and told me that he ate them niggas van up on Third!” Trey stated.

K.T. passed Murder the blunt; he took a hit off of it and asked Trey. “Did he hit sumthin; you know how that nigga be perpin?”

“That nigga didn’t get into all of that!”

By now the studio had gotten cloudy; Murder received a phone call and stepped out into the hallway. He came back in after five minutes.

“That bitch Keda told me that it was the nigga M.D. in the van by hisself, she say all them niggas was crowded around the van, but she don’t think he got hit cause he was out there bouncing around hella hyphy talkin about what he was gon do.”

“That scary ass nigga aint finna do nuthin!” Trey said.

“She says all them niggas was talkin like they about to go on one tonight.” Murder said.

“I know that bitch ass nigga Scoop up there pumpin those niggas up!” P. added.

“We followed that nigga bitch to one of his spots the other night.” Murder said.

“I know that scary ass nigga probably than already moved out by now!” K.T. said laughing.

Trey grabbed the blunt from Murder. “It’s cool we still gon find’em.” Trey continued. “K.T., what’s up with that Asian cat Jimmy, you think he could get us some more of them vests and some more straps?”

“That nigga could get anything you want; I’ll call him and see what he got right now to sell us.”

“Do that cause these niggas gon try and put sumthin down and we aint wasting no time get back at’em!” Trey exclaimed.

“You goin to yo lil cousin’s party next week?” Trey asked K.T.

“I saw them flyers when I went to the record shop the other day, them muthafuckas everywhere!” Murder added.

K.T., Nicky’s older cousin was from the Alice Griffith projects (Double Rock).

“She aint go let a nigga hear the end of it, if I don’t!” K.T. said.

“We all might as well bounce in that joint together and post up.” Murder replied.

After sitting in the studio smoking almost a quarter ounce of Purp and listening to Murder finish his ad libs, Trey had to leave to go and make some runs. He received a text and checked his phone, upon seeing both numbers he was waiting on asked P. “How long you niggas gon be in here tonight?”

“Probably for a couple more hours.” P. answered.

“I’m finna go drop K.T. off and pick this money up from Rauf in the M.O.B.B., see you niggas in a minute.”

“Be safe out there nigga.” Murder told him as he left out, knowing that he was about to roll to Hunter’s Point and no telling where else.

“Fa show, you niggas hit me up later when yall get up outta here.” Trey said leavin out the door.


Trey left the studio then went to the M.O.B.B. to pick up his money from Rauf, he dropped K.T. off in Double Rock then went home to change his clothes and park his Cadillac Escalade. The second page he received was from a connect he was goin through because Grant’s connect wasn’t going to be ready until next week. When he got home he called L. Boogie, a young hyphy Oakland nigga from the Dubs who he put down his licks with.

Trey fucked with L.Boogie because he was one of those trigger happy niggas and no one knew who he was. He met L. in North County Jail when he had gotten pulled over in Oakland for running a light and the Police placed him under arrest because of an old warrant that he never knew he had. L.Boogie had put in a lot of work with Trey and for him, so he trusted and had a lot of love for him. He put him in on every lick that he was going to hit.

Trey’s connection sold him some bad work when he had last copped from him. When he told him that the drugs were bunk the Mexican told him that there were no refunds and he would try to make it up to him on the next package.

As he was getting dressed in what he called his jacka outfit (All black, carthart cargo pants, Hi-Tec boots, beanie hat, hoodie, vest) L. Boogie buzzed in from downstairs. He went to the intercom and told him that he would be right down then grabbed his nickel plated Smith and Wesson ten millimeter and left out.

The both of them jumped into Trey’s all black Buick Grand National and scatted off. He laced L. Boogie on what the Mexican was working with on the way to the designated meeting spot. Trey’s connect never knew what kind of car he drove due to the fact that he always came upon him on foot. As Trey passed by his truck he pointed it out to L. Boogie and the Mexican never even noticed them, he turned the corner and let L. bounce out.

L. Boogie got out of the car and ran back up the block carrying a fully loaded Mac. 90. As he stealthily approached the truck, the Mexican sitting alone didn’t see him coming up on him. L. ran up to the driver’s side door and busted the window with the butt of his gun; he slapped the Mexican across his head with the Uzi and told him to “give up the money and drugs.” The Mexican handed him a duffel bag and L. slapped him across the head again and told him that “he wanted everything!” “Okay, Okay!” The Mexican, overwhelmed by now grabbed a backpack out of the back seat and gave it to him, then emptied his pockets.

L. Boogie never used a mask when he went out on one with Trey because he knew that the marks that they hit didn’t know him and plus whoever they were going to be a done deal anyway. He grabbed all of the cash that the Mexican pulled out of his pockets and snatched off all of his jewelry. When he was satisfied that he had everything he tapped the trigger of the Mac.90 and let it off into the car. “BBBLLLAAATTT, BBBLLLAAATTT!” The shots echoed all through the enclosed space of the truck. He checked to make sure that his bullets hit its mark then took off running back down the street, the whole shake down took less than five minutes.

Trey and L. Boogie went back to the loft and divided the drugs and the loot. They split $64,000 and four kilos amongst themselves and Trey let L. Boogie keep the link chain and bracelet and he kept the Presidential Rolex that L. took from the Mexican and he fired up a blunt as they smoked to a good night’s work on the graveyard shift.


Nicky had been going over plans for the party all day with her friend Keke, she was now at the shop getting her hair done before she went to see Waka.

“Gurl, I know yall party go be poppin. I saw flyers everywhere!” Nicky’s beautician Nikiya told her.

Nicky had waited until she brought the hot curlers off of her head before she stated. “I just hope these dumb ass niggas don’t come up in there fuckin shit up!”

The girl sitting in chair next to Nicky commented. “Fa’real, cause it seems like everybody and they mama got beef with somebody!”

“That po’ boy that got killed at the store the other night funeral’s going to be across the street at the Bayview Mortuary tomorrow.” Nikiya said.

“Niggas is gon be mad as fuck, gurl you sho picked a bad time to have a party!” The other girl said.

Nicky turned to face her. “It aint my fault these niggas out here killin each other, shit!” She continued. “I have too much money invested to pull out now.”

When her hair was done she paid Nikiya and gave her a ten dollar tip and reiterated to everyone in the shop that the party was still on for Saturday. She received a text and seen that it was from Waka, he told her to come to a spot on the hill that the Bulldogs used as a hangout. She told everyone bye and left the hair salon then rolled up to the block to look for Waka.


Blue had parked his Blazer and was rolling around in his 2005 platinum Chevy Camaro SS with 20 inch Lexani spinners, two 15’s in the trunk and five T.V’s placed throughout the car, he was riding with little Lil craze and Earl. They had just finished their first blunt when they rolled through Bishop’s Corner to look for Darius who was one of Blue’s boys that he had used to sell work for him. When they dipped up Blue seen this dope fiend turned rapper name  Guce posted up out there and got out to holler at him to see if he had seen Darius around. Guce was a rapper who claimed B.C., but was originally from Mission st. Now he associated with the Bulldogs. He told Blue that he had just got out there and didn’t see anyone yet. Blue hollered at him for a second longer hoping that Darius appeared before he drove off.


When Blue drove off, Guce pulled out his phone and called Waka who was on the Block talking to Nicky.                                                                                                      “That nigga Blue just dipped through here with lil Craze and another lil nigga blood!” He told Waka.

“What them niggas wanted?” Waka asked him.

“They was looking for that nigga Darius, so they probably went up towards Hollister.”

“What was them niggas rollin in?”

“They up in that grey Camaro that nigga be drivin.”

“Good lookin pimp let me holla at chu later.”

“Aight my nigs!”

“Click” Waka hung up the phone.

Waka was on the block talking to Nicky when he received the phone call. When he got off of the phone he told her that he had some business to take care of and that he needed to use her rental car. She heard parts of his conversation but chose to ignore the obvious; she agreed to let him use the car anyway. He walked her into the spot and told her that he would be back in a minute. He told Roc and Ops to jump in the car with him as he prepared to roll out.


Blue had caught up to Darius on Hollister, got the money from him and was leaving. He needed to get gas so he went to the 76 gas station on San Bruno and filled his tank up. As he was leaving the gas station he didn’t notice the green rental van speeding to pull up in front of him.


Waka drove up Gilman heading towards San Bruno (a direction two chicken heads told him Blue headed in.) He spotted Blue’s Camaro coming out of the gas station, Roc and Young Ops had their guns sitting on their laps ready. Waka mashed on the accelerator and pulled in front of Blue, blocking him off as he was about to pull out of the gas station.


Blue didn’t know what was happening until he started seeing fire coming from the car blocking him off. He couldn’t hear the shots because he had the beat knocking in his car. Once he figured out what was happening, he reached to the back and tried to retrieve his 9mm Lorcin from under the seat. Lil Ace was in the back attempting to return fire but was impeded because he would’ve shot one of his homies in the process.


Roc was shooting an H.K. while Ops was getting off with a Tec 9. They didn’t let off of the triggers until Blue’s car was riddled with bullets and couldn’t make space for any new holes. Waka pulled off and mashed back to the block when the both of them let off their full clips. No one noticed the cameras in the gas station recording everything that happened.


By the time Waka made it back to the block it was nightfall, he pulled Nicky’s rental van into the alley and they walked to the hideout. Nicky was sitting in the upstairs bedroom watching TV when they came in; she heard them downstairs discussing what had happened. Roc and Ops left the house and went back outside to the block; Waka went upstairs to the room Nicky was in.

“You had me waitin in here all this time when you know I don’t like staying in here with all these dope fiends runnin in and out, smokin and shit!” Nicky stated angrily.

Waka sat down next to her and started kissing her on the neck.

“I told you I had to go handle some business.”

“I heard yall when yall came in! I have to go turn that car in cause I know it’s hot as hell now.”

“Hold on, leave in a minute, I want some pussy.”

Waka started rubbing on Nicky’s titties underneath her sweater while trying to tongue kiss her.

“Slow down!” Nicky said squirming away.

Nicky was getting hot, but she didn’t want to have sex in their hideout, it was dirty plus it smelled like someone’s basement because all the crack being smoked in the other room.

Waka was persistent; he lifted up her sweater and started sucking on her titties.

“Gurl, you got some pretty ass titties!” He told her.

Nicky’s body overruled her mind and started responding, disregarding her earlier feelings. Waka pulled down her sweatpants and laid her back on the bed, he then begun to take his clothes off. He took his pants off then pulled down his boxers, she noticed that something was caked up on his dick and sat up to move back to the edge of the bed.

“What’s that?” She asked him.

“I don’t know what chu talkin bout?”

“That shit caked up on yo dick!”

Waka looked down and grabbed his dick, as he squeezed the head blood started oozing out of it.

Nicky jumped up from the bed. “Ugh! Nigga you got blood comin out of yo dick!”

Waka stood there looking dumbfounded as Nicky put her clothes back on. At that point she knew that this was the beginning of the end, she knew that Waka popped a lot of pills (Ecstasy) but what she had just witnessed was ridiculous. Nicky decided then and there that she would never let him stick his dick in her again.

“I have to hurry up and turn this car in, the police probably looking for it.” Nicky said as she grabbed her purse and left out, with Waka still standing there holding his dick in his hands.


Nicky went to the funeral with her cousin Peaches; seating was limited because of all of the people who attended the services, so they sat in the back. Nicky saw Waka sitting in the second row next to Scoop, Roc, Young Ops and a few more niggas from the Bulldog’s who were going to be the pallbearers along with Money B and two of B.G.’s brothers.

Nicky and Waka hadn’t talked to or seen each other since the night she left his spot after seeing blood coming from his dick. He noticed her as she walked in and tilted his head as to say “What’s up!” to her. She acknowledged him with a slight wave, then her and Peaches took a seat.

Mrs. Robinson was sitting in the front row along with other family members and one of B.G.’s girlfriends. B.G.’s girlfriend Ranisha was sobbing hysterically and putting a lot on it.

Peaches turned to Nicky. “You see that bitch Ranisha up there puttin too much on it!”

“She acts like she the only female that he was fuckin with.” Nicky replied.

“Like they were hella close or sumthin, he only stayed with that bitch because she had his daughter!” Peaches was one of B.G.’s girlfriends and she never got along with his baby mama Ranisha.

“Look at that bitch T. up there sitting behind Waka, im’a beat that bitch ass when I see her!” Nicky stated.

“I beat that bitch ass for you cousin as soon as we get up outta here!”

“Naw, we gon wait to catch that bitch up on the block or sumthin!”

There were more theatrics throughout the funeral and when people were allowed to view the body. After the services were over, everyone tailgated to Sky lawn memorial park for the burial. After the casket was placed in the ground, Waka caught up with Nicky and pulled her off to the side away from her cousin.

“Why you aint called me or nuthin?” He asked her.

Nicky didn’t want to explain why she hadn’t called; she felt that it should’ve been obvious. “You act as if you don’t have a phone; I saw that bitch T sitting behind you in the mortuary!” She answered.

“Fuck that bitch, I can’t tell her where to sit. We bar-b-cueing up on the block, why don’t you and your cousin slide thru when yall finish doin what yall got to do.”

“I’m gon stop by my house to change out of these clothes first in case I see this bitch up there try to get a lil closer!”

“Man, stop trippin that bitch aint stupid she knows what’s up. I see you in a minute alright?”

“Yea, okay!”

Waka walked to get back into the limo with his homeboys and Nicky joined her cousin, they got into Nicky’s car and drove away.

When Nicky pulled up in front of her house she noticed Trey’s Black Escalade parked out front. She thought to herself that he must be there visiting with Grant. She and Peaches passed Trey as they walked into the house and upon seeing them both he remarked. “Damn, yall lookin good!”

“Thank you!” They both said in unison.

“How’re you doin Trey?” Nicky asked.

“I’ll be doin a lot better if you holla at a nigga!.” Trey said flirting with Nicky.

Nicky knew that Trey was a hoe because he had already had sex with at least four of her friends. She still found herself mysteriously attracted to him because of all of the things she had heard about him, plus the way he always had treated her with respect and said nice things every time they talked.

“You know I have a boyfriend.”

“Well when you ready to experience a real man don’t hesitate to holla!” He told her.

Nicky and Peaches chuckled at that comment as they both walked passed him and headed upstairs. As Nicky passed him Trey lightly rubbed his hands over her butt, she was shocked as well as surprised at her own non reaction. If he had been anyone else she wouldn’t have hesitated to start swinging, but being as though it was Trey she found herself a little turned on. She ignored it and continued upstairs to get dressed.

Nicky and Peaches rolled to the block after she changed clothes, everyone was out there drinking, eating and listening to music. Peaches went to holler at one of her friends and Nicky went to talk to Waka, she noticed that his breath reeked of alcohol which turned her off, he had another drink in his hand sipping it while hitting a blunt.

“Don’t you think you had enough to drink?” Nicky said.

Waka sighed, he hated when Nicky made any remarks about his smoking, drinking and popping pills.

“I’m straight, I aint drunk shit but two cups of incredible hulk (Hennessey and Hypnotic)!”

“How many pills did you pop, I know you stuntin cause you got that thizz face!” Nicky told him.

“Damn! Stay out of my business, I didn’t ask you to come up here so you could monitor my swerve, you could get the fuck on!” Waka stated angrily.

Nicky dropped the subject; she didn’t feel like arguing with him over his own addictions, she figured that he was going to do what he wanted anyway. She walked over to where Peaches was chilling and posted with her. The Police pulled up on the turf and an officer who everyone called Pac man bounced out eyeing everyone and then approached Waka.

“What’s up Waka? How many body bags we gonna need out here today?” Pac man addressed him.

“Man, we just out here mourning and cooking for my lil homie.” Waka replied.

“You have some ID on you Waka?”

“You muthafuckas already know who I am!”

“Hey, don’t raise your voice at my partner buddy!” Pacmans partner Ball cap stated.

Nicky got up and moved in between Waka and the police. “Calm down Waka, they’re just lookin for a reason to fuck with you.”

“Man fuck that, you muthafuckas need to be out there arresting whoever killed my Patna, instead of up here fuckin with us!”

At that point Pacman grabbed Waka and attempted to handcuff him. Waka took off on him and nearly dropped him. His partner after calling for back up jumped into the scuffle to help subdue Waka. The crowd started surrounding them as Waka continued to resist and Pacman whispered into Waka ear; “We’re going to book your ass for inciting a riot if you keep resisting!”

Nicky shouted to the police that “He didn’t do anything!” and to Waka to “Stop fighting them!” Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

The officers finally got him handcuffed then placed him in the back of the White Ghost. Back up came and they all pulled out of there together.


Trey was at home counting the money from the pick ups he did last night. His doorbell buzzed and he got up to press the intercom. “Who dat?”

“It’s me Murder bruh, buzz me in.”

Trey let him in the building unlocked his front door and went back to counting his money.

“Nigga, you aint ready yet?” Murder asked him.

“Hold on a minute bruh, let me finish countin this bread then we could bounce.”

Murder turned the TV to 106 and park and sat down on the sofa.

“You know them niggas hit that nigga Blue yesterday on San Bruno?” He yelled to the back.

“Fa real! That’s why that nigga aint hit me back yet.” Trey said.

“We gotta roll thru the hole and holla at that nigga brother.”

“We could roll thru there after we come from the mall.”

Trey finished counting his money, grabbed five thousand dollars in ones and put the rest into his safe. He grabbed his coat, put the money in his pocket then him and Murder left out to go to the mall.


Nicky was overwhelmed, she felt as if the party couldn’t come any faster. She wanted to hurry up and just get the whole day over with. She was running all morning to get the things she needed for the party, on top of that she still needed to get her hair curled by Nikiya and had to get dressed to be ready for the stretched Escalade that would pick her and her friends up by 10:00 o’clock.

By the time she finished handling all of her business and finished getting dressed she looked in the mirror and had to admire the way she looked. She had on an all White Rachael Roy pantsuit that stuck to her wide hips like molasses, it had a slit that started at her neckline and went down her chest cavity that accentuated her cleavage. She had on all Gold accessories, White and Gold Loubutins with three inch heels and a Chanel clutch purse.

Before she could finish her thought her phone rang. “Ring, Ring!”

“Hello?” Nicky answered.

“What’s up Nicky?” Waka asked.

“In here tryin to get ready for this party.”

“Don’t forget that you have to come down here and see me tomorrow.”

“I know what I have to do!”

Nicky was tired of Waka going back and forth to jail and having to get up early in the morning on the weekends to go visit him.

“Aiight then, I see you tomorrow. Don’t let me hear about you out there fuckin around!” Waka told her.

Nicky decided not to comment and told Waka that she would see him tomorrow then hung up the phone.

KeKe, Peaches, Angie and few more of her friends pulled up at the same time as the stretched limo. They all gave each other hugs and compliments on how good they each looked then jumped into the limo and headed to the 444 Deharo.


The party was cracking, there was no one beefing and everyone was having a good time. Keda came up to Nicky and expressed her displeasure at not being able to ride to the party in the stretched Escalade with them.

“Gurl, everybody that rode here in that limo paid money for their seats and I know that yo cheap ass wasn’t gon wanna pitch in!” Nicky told her.

“If you would’a told me I could’a found a way to pay.” Keda stated with anger and hurt in her voice.

“It’s too late now, you here so enjoy yourself and get your party on gurl.”

Nicky didn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her that no one wanted her nasty ass riding to the party with them. She caught the edge in her voice and let it go, she didn’t want to take it there with her and end up having to whoop her ass that night.

Everyone in the party turned their heads towards the entrance. Nicky turned to see Scoop come in the door with another fifteen Bulldogs; they all had on jewelry and were looking clean in their leather tailor made Bulldogs jackets with safari hats to match. When they came in Keda left from where she was standing with Nicky and made a b-line towards them and started talking to Scoop. He left her hanging and walked over to where Nicky was standing with Trece and a few more of their friends. He said “Happy Birthday” to them both, bought them a round of drinks and everyone continued partying.

Things continued on drama free until the G.M.C click came through the door with more than thirty niggas before security cut them off. Everyone turned too see what caused the commotion at the door and started to scatter. Nicky looked around and saw that there were no more Bulldogs nor their affiliates no where in sight. She spotted her cousin K.T. and Trey along with Murder and some other niggas she had never seen before. When Nicky seen Trey it seemed to her as if no one else was in the room, she didn’t even notice the way Keeda eyed her up and down and was all up in her grill.

Trey was iced out with a Platinum chain and G.M.C. medallion; he was wearing a blue and white True Religion button down shirt along with some blue Tru jeans. He had on a pair of all white Prada loafers and topped it off with a coke white quarter length Mink coat. His hair was freshly tapered and he had his Platinum grill shining in his mouth.

K.T. walked over to where she was sitting with her friends and kissed her on the cheek. “What’s up cousin, Happy Birthday!” He said to her.

Nicky snapped out of her reverie long enough to answer. “Thank you, cousin.” She continued. “Damn, yall tryin to turn my party out with all these niggas!”

“Awe cuz, you know how we do.”

Trey walked over to where they were; as he came up he grabbed Nicky’s hand and lightly kissed it. “Happy Birthday, Ma.”

When she smelled the Issey Miyake cologne that he was wearing her knees got weak, plus she had never had a man kiss her on the hand in that fashion before. She melted. “Thank you Trey.”

“It’s nuthin; I have a gift for you too. I didn’t want to bring it here so I’ll give it to K.T. or bring it by your mom’s house.”

Waka had never been free to spend one of Nicky’s birthdays with her, so to receive a gift from any man besides her father was definitely something new and unexpected.

“I would prefer it if you brought it by yourself.” Nicky stated surprised at her bold response.

Trey looked over the table to all of Nicky’s friends and told them “All of yall drinks are on me for the rest of the night.” He winked at Nicky and headed off towards the rest of his click.

Nicky couldn’t keep her eyes off of Trey and they eyed each other for the rest of the night. All she could think about was what it would be like to be his girl and if he felt the same way about her as she felt about him.

When the party ended Trey walked with Nicky outside to the limo.

“Thank you for coming, I hope you had fun.” She told him.

Trey grabbed her hand, pulled her close and hugged her.

“The pleasure is all mines, beautiful.” He whispered into her ear.

Nicky hurried and got into the limo before Trey figured out how hot he had gotten her.


Scoop was across the street sitting in the parking lot in his 500 Benz; he peeped everything and thought to himself out loud. “I knew that I was right about that

Bitch!” Keda was in the car with him, bossing him up. She lifted up off of his lap and asked him. “What you say?”

“Look at that bitch Nicky over there all up on that G.M.C nigga.”

Keda looked across the street to where Nicky was standing with Trey. She stored the information and knew just how she was going to use it; all she had to wait for was the right time.


Nicky got up early the next morning and went to the county jail to visit Waka. She hated going through this same process in what seemed to her like every couple of months. Nicky wished that Waka would stay out of jail long enough to complete his parole, then maybe he would be able to stay out on the streets a little longer.

As she entered the visiting room and was about to sign up she noticed T sitting down in the waiting room preparing herself for the next visit. T seen Nicky and

immediately turned her head to look away. Nicky thought to herself “Punk Bitch” and instead of signing up to see Waka on the next visit, she signed up to

see one of her old friends from Fillmore. She had once went out on a date with him when Waka was in jail on a violation, he had been in jail for close to a year fighting a hot one(murder case).

Nicky walked up on T. “I know you up here visiting Waka bitch, its cool though you could have that good for nuthin ass nigga!”

T. kept her mouth closed and didn’t comment. “You betta wait until I go in before you walk thru that door too, bitch!” Nicky told her.

When the Sheriff called everyone in for visiting Nicky got up, eyed T. then proceeded to walk through the doors leading to the visiting rooms. T had waited until Nicky made it through the doors before she got up and made her way inside.Waka came out for his visit and was surprised that Nicky had made it so early. He had told T that Nicky would be late because she had her party last night and plus she usually came on the last visit. He told her to try and make the first visit,

that way her and Nicky wouldn’t bump heads. He smiled at Nicky when she walked towards him and she didn’t speak nor even acknowledge him as she passed his booth and went into the booth where her friend O.J. was sitting.

Waka stood there not knowing what to say as T walked through the door.

He looked towards O.J. dumbfounded; O.J. just shrugged his shoulders and went into the booth that Nicky was sitting in and picked up the phone.


Waka had called Nicky’s house all week, only to have his calls go

unanswered and his collect calls not accepted whenever someone did pick up. He got a visit from his parole officer and was informed that he would be violated.

When he got back to the cell block he called Scoop cell phone.

Scoop answered on the first ring. “Yeah?”

“What’s up blood?” Waka said.

“Shit, just out here tryin to get it. What’s happenin wit you?”

“These muthafuckas tryin to violate a nigga again blood!”

“How much time they tryin to give you?” Scoop asked him.

“I don’t know yet, I go to the board in two weeks.”

“Is that right?”


“Nigga, I seen that bitch Nicky all hugged up wit that nigga Trey at her Birthday

party!” Scoop told him.

“Oh, fa’real!”

“Hell yeah! Them niggas came to the party deep, we was about to go heads with them niggas.” Scoop lied.

“Damn, I wish I was there. I been callin this bitch all week and she aint even been answering my calls.”

Knowing that Nicky hadn’t been answering his calls and was all up on that nigga Trey had Waka hot, he told Scoop that he was going to call him back later

and hung up. He tried calling Nicky again before it was time to lockdown but was once again unable to get through.

Nicky was at home screening all of her calls, she knew that Waka was attempting to reach her through her caller I.D. She wasn’t in the mood to hear his

excuses or argue with him, so she didn’t answer any of his calls. All she was able to think about was Trey and what he was doing at that moment. She had his number from when she and her friend was calling and playing on his phone one night. She didn’t want Trey to think she was desperate but, she did want to talk to

him and hear his voice. The telephone rang and Nicky didn’t notice the number, she answered and changed the tone of her voice to make it sound deeper than it really was. “Hello!”

“Can I speak to Nicky?” The caller asked.

“Who’s this?” She said voice still deep.

“This Trey.”

Nicky almost choked then went back to the normal tone of her voice.

“Oh! What’s up Trey?”

Trey laughed. “You had me fooled for a minute, what somebody stalkin you or sumthin?”

“Naw, I just don’t wanna talk to no one right now.”

“You want me to call you back anutha time or sumthin?”

“Unh, Unh, I aint talkin about you. I didn’t notice the number that you called from.” Nicky told him.

“I’m callin from my house that’s probably why, nobody got this number.” Trey said.

Nicky pictured what Trey house may have looked like, she figured that he was probably renting a room out of some dope fiend house in the hood.

“You in the house, what is this world comin too!” She remarked

“Aw ma, hustlah’s need some off time too, a nigga caint run the streets all the time!”

“So when do I get my Birthday present?” Nicky asked him a little to bold for herself.

“That’s why I called, what chu doin this weekend?” He asked her.

Nicky took a little time to think about it before she gave him an answer, she knew that she had nothing to do this weekend but she didn’t want him to think that she would just be sitting around doing nothing.

“I believe that I’m free this weekend, I don’t have anything planned.”

“Well, if you down we could go out and kick it or sumthin.”

Nicky felt all giddy inside. “That would be nice.”

“So it’s official then, I’ll call you on Friday and let you know what time I’ll be by to swoop you up.” Trey said.

“Alright, you enjoy your down time too.” Nicky told him “You too, Ile holla!” Trey hung up.

Nicky hung up the phone and immediately called her friend KeKe, Angie and her cousin Peaches. By the time she got off of the phone she’d already had

what outfit she wanted to wear. It was almost two in the morning when she laid down in bed to get some sleep. She had sweet dreams that night about her and Trey’s day out and their future together.

The next morning Nicky woke up wet and happy, she took a shower and left out to go to the mall so she could purchase the outfit she wanted to wear on her date with Trey. She was in the mall shopping all day and not only did she purchase the outfit that she wanted to wear on her date, but outfits to wear throughout the

whole week. On her way leaving out of the mall she ran into Keda who had just left from out of Macy’s boosting(stealing) with a couple of girls who lived up on the block. “What’s up Nicky?” Keda said.                                     “Nuthin much, just doin a lil shopping.” Nicky said           Keda looked down at all of Nicky’s bags. “I could’ve gotten all that stuff for you for a lil bit of nuthin!”

“It’s too late now cause it’s already paid for, plus I didn’t have time to wait and I didn’t know you were comin out here today or else I would’ve got it from you.”

Nicky told her.

“Gurl, you got a lot of stuff, what you goin on a vacation or sumthin?” Keda asked her.

“I might go out this weekend and the rest is things that I just picked up.”

“Where you goin out to?” Keeda asked.

“I don’t know right now, some where tho.” Nicky said.

“Don’t tell me you goin out with that nigga Trey, I seen the way he was tryin to hug up on you after the party.”

Nicky wondered where was Keda when the party ended and how she had seen her, she didn’t want to expose nuthin to her so she just ignored her comment.

“I gotta get back home to go pick up my lil brother, I’ll call you later gurl. Yall be safe.”

“Okay gurl, have fun.” Keda said to Nicky as she walked away.

Keda could’ve swore on her life that she knew who Nicky was going to go on a date with, she figured that this was a perfect time to put her plan in motion.

She was jealous of Nicky and of the fact that she always got the good men who everyone else wanted. She wanted to sabotage her relationship with Waka and

hopefully get him to give her a chance.

Nicky made it home and put away all of her things and begun to straighten up her room. Everyone was out of the house, so after cleaning her room she decided

to spend the rest of the day in the house pampering herself. She had a glass of wine and ran herself a hot bubble bath then gave herself a manicure and pedicure.

While she was relaxing in the tub her phone rang and she seen that it was Waka.

She answered figuring that she should get this conversation over with sooner rather than later.


“Why you aint been accepting my calls?” Waka stated angrily.

“I’ve been handlin business, so I haven’t been home.” Nicky told him.

“You knew that I was gon be callin, why you didn’t transfer yo phone?”

“Waka I have more things to do besides sittin around all day answering yo calls. That bitch T is the one you should be callin cause I aint got time to go thru

this shit no more!” Nicky said.

“What’s up with you and that nigga Trey?” Waka asked her trying to use reverse psychology.

“What you mean what’s up with me and Trey?”

“I heard you was all hugged up with that nigga at yo party, is that why you aint been home to answer the phone?”

Nicky became heated. “You should be worried about doin ya time instead of worrying about how I spend mines!”

“Oh, it’s like that huh bitch?”

“You made it like this and yo mama’s anotha bitch!”

“Bitch, im’a take yo head off watch!” Waka told her.

“Nigga fuck you, I hope they never let yo broke ass out that mutha fucka!” Nicky said then hung up the phone in his face.

Before she got out of the tub she received another call from her Aunt Nina.                                 Nina was her mother’s older sister and was a legend in Frisco street lore. She had been

in the game for over twenty-five years and had done almost everything a person could do from selling large quantities of crack and heroin to robbing banks and

setting ballers up to be robbed. It was once told that she herself was responsible for numerous unsolved murders. Nicky didn’t like getting into conversations with her because she never liked to get off of the phone and would talk to her all night if she could.

She answered because she wanted to let her aunt know that Waka had

threatened her. “Hello!”

“What’s up baby gurl, where’s ya mom?”

“I don’t know, they were out when I got in.” Nicky answered.

“Who’s there with you, where’s lil D?” Aunt Nina asked.

“I think he’s out there in the city.”

“So your mom may be comin out here to pick him up then, huh?”

“I don’t know, probably. I just got off the phone with that nigga Waka and he told me that he was goin to take my head off cause I don’t wanna fuck with him no more!”

“That nigga know what’s good for him, did he put his hands on you?”

“No he in jail.” Nicky said.

“Don’t worry about it, if someone touches or does anything to try and harm you Aunt Nina will sick the goons on their asses!”

“Okay Auntie, I just wanted you to know just in case something did happen to me.”

“If that nigga calls and threaten you again let me know and I’ll have someone go pay his young ass a visit okay? Tell your mom to call me if she calls home alright?”

“Okay auntie I will, talk to you later.”

“Bye baby.”

“Bye, Bye, auntie!” Nicky hung up the phone and felt better now that she informed someone about Waka’s threat on her life.


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